Tuesday 15 May 2012

The Greek team Olympiakos European Champions in basket 2012!!!

This post in Swedish: Olympiakos Europamästare i basket 2012!!!

The Greek team Olympiakos from Pireas is European champion in basket!

Maybe you saw the final match in Euroleague late on Sunday night which had dramatic changes the last 10 minutes.

The Russian team CSKA Moscow was 19 points ahead but Olympiakos managed to catch up. Just 0,7 seconds before end of game Giorgos Printezis made the last and most important goal: 62-61...they won with 1 point!

Olympiakos got the trophy 1997 as well.

The Greek basketball team Panathinaikos has won Euroleague not less than 6 times(1996, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2009, 2011)! This year they lost in the very end of the semi final against the Russians - otherwise it would have been two Greek teams in the Euroleague final in Istanbul!

Go Greece Go!


mirsini's creations said...

Hi Eva !! :o) I saw your comment for the purple flower !! Thank you so much !! I LOve to learn new flower names!!! As about olympiakos..i'm not a fun of sports but i think this is very good for the greek basketball !! So...thank you for your comment again and nice to meet you...kisses fron Athens to Crete !!!!
Have a good night !! :o)

Eva in Athens, Greece said...

Hi Mirsini! Thank YOU for your happy comment and thanks a lot for becoming a follower! I have become a follower to your nice and cute blog as well, but somehow my profile picture doesn't show up at your blog. Since they made the changes at Blogger it's all kinds of problems! I hope it will be fixed soon.
We used to live at Crete, but the last 6 years we are here in Glyfada. We go to Crete in the summers though...!