Sunday 27 April 2014

My photo & image philosophy...

Read this post in Swedish: Min foto & bild-filosofi...

Something I didn't know or thought about when I started my blog is that the photographs/pictures/ images you find on-line belongs to the photographer/creator of the original image.

Thus there are a few pictures in this blog not belonging to me where the owner hasn't gotten the legitimate credit unfortunately.

Now I do put links - the only exception is when I do not know who is the owner of the image. It can be a sport picture or a photo of a celebrity which is on so many websites it's difficult to know who is the photographer.

If you see your image in my blog without credit, please contact me (evainathens(a) I can give you your legitimate recognition, including a link. Or I remove the picture in case you prefer that.

I for my part get really happy if someone likes my picture and wants to use it! BUT I do want a recognition, a link in return.

I allow others to use, modify and create new works based on mine as long as credit is given to me - via a link - as the creator of the original work, and that the same conditions are valid for every new creation based on mine.

Commercial use is not allowed without my permission.

Great poster created by Pia Jane Bijkerk.

Thanks a lot!♥

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