Tuesday 6 March 2012

Make black hearts and other symbols with the keyboard

Read in Swedish: Svarta hjärtan och andra symboler

I've gotten a question how you make the small black hearts and I decided to write a post about it. Maybe someone else like to know as well!
To make small black hearts and other symbols with the keyboard you're using the tangent ALT and the numbers to the right. It might vary a bit, but most of these I think you'll find.

Keep the ALT-key pressed until you release the last digit.

Some selected symbols:

Happy face ALT    2
Sad face ALT    1
Heart ALT    3
Cross ALT   0134
Degree ° ALT   0176
Male ALT    11
Female ALT    12
Note ALT    13
Double note ALT   14  
Sun ALT    15
Section-mark § ALT    21
Arrow ALT    16
Copyright © ALT    0169
Trademark ALT    0153
Reg. Tradem. ® ALT   0174
Euro ALT    0128
Florin, Forte ƒ ALT    159
Yen ¥ ALT   0165
Peseta ALT   158
Pound £ ALT   156
Dollar $ ALT   36
Half ½ ALT    0189
Three fourth ¾ ALT    0190
Plus minus ± ALT   0177
Promille ALT   0137
Raised to 2nd  ² ALT   0178
Raised to 3rd ³ ALT   0179
Approxim. ALT   247
Square root ALT   251
Hug               { }                 (ALT 123, ALT 125)
Big hug        ({})                 (More hugs: Hug text emoticons)

(If it doesn't work, press the "Num Lock" button.)

Here you'll find more symbols:
HTML- and  ASCII-codeSupportdata.net (in Swedish, but I think you'll figure it out!)
(List of emoticons, Wikipedia)
And some more reading about Symbols (Facebook and more)
Good Luck!

(Picture found at: Muppets and Me)


Irina said...

Thanks Eva, I always wondered how people make those hearts :D.

Minnie MiuMiu said...

Good Information and useful post Eva..

eva i Aten said...

Thanks a lot Irina and Minnie!