Wednesday 14 March 2012

Το κίνημα της πατάτας, παραγγελίες - The Potato Movement, orders

Αν θέλετε να διαβάσετε στα Ελληνικά μπορείτε απλά να κάνετε κλικ στους παρακάτω συνδεσμούς.

Here a list of some of the places where you can order potatoes, and sometimes other things as well, for a very good price. You have to go to the meeting point though to purchase them. Please check prices and dates before you order, in case of any changes.

Agias Paraskevi, Municipality of Agia Paraskevi. Potatoes (30 kg, 0,34/kg), φακές - lentils (6 kg, 1,66/kg), ρεβύθια - chickpeas (6,5 kg, 1,53/kg), φασόλια - beans (7 kg, 1,42/kg). Fill in the order form (scroll down at webpage)and leave to Dimarcheio, Ag Paraskevi, Mesogeion 415-417, 2nd floor or send by e-mail:   Phone: 213-2004 503, 534 Monday-Friday 09.00-14.00

Byronas, Municipality of Byronas. Check their homepage or call for information: 213-20 08 600

Cholargou-Papagou area. Orders by e-mail: (potatoes, olive oil), Paratiritis

Igoumenitsa Potatoes  Phone: 2665-361153

Ilioupolis, Municipality of Ilioupolis. Potatoes (20 kg, 0,30 euro/kg). Order form Ilioupolis. Leave your order at the Dimarcheio (Town hall), Sof. Venizelou/Protopappa Monday-Friday 09.00-15.00. E-mail:  Phone: 210-99 70 053, 055, 048

Ioannina Potatoes, olive oil  Contact the Municipality of Ioanniton. E-mail: Phone: 26510-79921

Karditsa Potatoes 20 kg, 0,30 euro/kg. Order by phone 6982-73 36 59, 6984-52 46 97 or e-mail: akisberg(a)

Katerini Potatoes and flour. Read more:, O topos

Keratsini, Pireaias, Municipality of Keratsini. No information at their webpage, but they are taking part in the Potato Movement. Call 213-207 46 00 for information or check the blog: Keratsini Voice

Korydallos, Municipality of Korydallos. Rice, olive oil (5 liter/14 euro), the potatoes are finished at the moment! Fill in and send the order form. Phone: 210-49 90 400

Maroussi, Municipality of Amarousios. Potatoes(6,60 euro/20 kg, 9,90 euro/30kg), olive oil(14,50 euro/5 liter), honey(15 euro/2 kg). Orders by telephone: Monday-friday 213-20 38 308, 390, 254 Saturday-Sunday 213-20 38 000, 080

Naosa Potatoes - orders by e-mail:   Questions for other products:

Nea Erithraia, Athens at the corner Kifissoú/Erimánthou. Orders at (Sroll down on that page and fill in a form). Potatoes, no price mentioned.

Neapolis-Sykeon Potatoes, rice, flour Sykeon, phone: 2313-313117, Ag Pavlo, phone: 2310-213160, Neapolis, phone: 2310-671100, Pefkon, phone: 2313-502226

Oraiokastro Potatoes, 20 kg. Phone: 800-11 57 013, e-mail:


SaronikosMunicipality of Saronikos. Potatoes (20 kg/6,40 euro, 30 kg/9 euro). Order max 50 kg by e-mail: or call for information: Καλύβια - 2299 320300 και 320310, Αναβύσσος - 22910 41220 (εσωτ. 6), Παλαιά Φώκαια - 22910 38721 (εσωτ. 121), Σαρωνίδα - 22910 54444 (εσωτ. 2) και Κουβαράς - 22990 69422.

SerresMunicipality of Serres  Orders by telephone 23210-99820 (Please be pacient, there's only one telephone...), Kathreftis Potatoes 0,25 euro/kg


Thermaikos, Thessaloniki, Municipality of Thermaikos. Potatoes and rice, prices: Ανακοίνωση για πατάτα και ρύζι 
Orders by e-mail:


Zografou. At the moment they don't take more orders. Information will be announced at their homepage: Municipality of Zografos

And here a new website where you also can order potatoes and more for a good price:

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