Wednesday 24 August 2011

Κάτω Γούβες - Káto Goúves, or just Gouves, on Crete

Read in Swedish: Κάτω Γούβες - Káto Goúves, eller bara Gouves, på Kreta

Gouves or more properly Káto Goúves, which means Lower Gouves (the older parts of the villages are often higher up towards the hills/mountains as
it was considered more secure), is a popular holiday destination since many years. The resort is situated 20 km east of the main city of Crete, Heraklion. Gouves has many  fine beaches where you can take a swim in crystal clear water!

In Gouves naturally you'll find many restaurants, bars and shops. I've been living in Hersonissos, which is about 10 km east of Gouves, for 20 years, but actually never heard about the nightlife in Gouves, so it's obviously a lot calmer and family friendly there at night than in Hersonissos and Malia.

If you are in Gouves you can visit the Cretaquarium which is in Gournes, not far from Gouves. During the summerseason it's open 09.30 - 21.00 every day (check their website for changes).

There are two big waterparks as well nearby: Acqua Plus outside of Hersonissos and Watercity in Anopolis. It is quite expensive (22 euro for adults, 12-14 euro for kids 5-12 years at Acqua and for kids 90-140 cm at Watercity. Younger/smaller kids have free entrance. These prices from 2011.), but you'll really find a lot of slides and different things to do. You should definately go there quite early, so you can spend many hours there! They open about 10 and close about 18.30.

You can make a small excursion and visit the Skotinó cave and the monastery Kera Eleousas a bit up in the mountains.

If you like to go to Heraklion or Hersonissos (or anywhere else) there are buses passing at the main road every 30 minutes until rather late (check the departure of the latest bus at night, might vary during the season. Timetable: KTEL).

There are so many things you can do while on Crete, but something I really recommend is to visit the small island Spinalonga. From Gouves to Elounda (where you find boats to Spinalonga) it's about 60 km.

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