Friday 26 August 2011

Ano Glyfada and Voula (Athens) on fire!

Ugh, during summertime here in Greece it's very common with wildfires! The day before yesterday it was 11 wildfires at different locations in the country. Now, tonight, just before midnight, it started a fire in Ano Glyfada, at the mountain Ymittos, not far from here at all. It has been blowing very much tonight also, so the fire spread quickly to Voula and the fine houses on the hill there - "Panorama Voulas" the area is called. The fire is for sure right next to the houses and the people are out spraying water on trees, grass and buildings. Now we just have to hope for the best.

The firebrigade is there with more than 20 firetrucks and about 70 firefighters to get the whole thing under control as fast as possible.

One wonders how it started, but a very common reason is thrown butt-ends from cigarettes. It is so dry outside now. People have to be more careful!

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