Saturday 9 July 2011

Hyperion- the Greek energy box

The Greek company Defkalion Green Technologies, with their main office here in Glyfada, have recently presented a new energy-box, "Hyperion" (the name after a Titan in Greek mythology), which is based on the energy catalyzer, "E-cat", invented by the Italian Andrea Rossi.

Hyperon is delivering up to 33 times more energy than it's feeded with and the technology might reduce today's electricity cost with  90%. The technology is also supposed to be completely friendly to the environment and totally harmless! (Too good to be true?!)

Read more at Ny Teknik.

A small video about the Italian Rossi's invention, which probably is based on a so far not known nuclear reaction.

Greek TV about the catalyzer and Defkalion Green Technologies:

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