Saturday 9 July 2011

Julia Roberts in Greece!

Läs inlägget på svenska: Julia Roberts i Grekland

Oh yes, the talented and charming American actress Julia Roberts is now here in Greece together with her husband, Daniel Moder, and their three wonderful children! Julia has been visiting Greece many times, and seems to prefer the lovely island of Patmos.

Julia Roberts together with her husband, Daniel Moder.

The comedy-drama movie "Larry Crowne" where Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks are having the leading roles has just been released in the USA and in Canada. Tom Hanks, who is also a real Greece-lover with their own house at the island Antiparos,  has also written, directed and produced this movie. Trailer Larry Crowne

March, 11th  2012
Very soon a new movie, "Mirror, mirror", with Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Amie Hammer will be released. It's a Comedy-Fantasy film based on the wellknown Snow White! Here's the official trailer:

At Hollyscoop I read that Julia is lefthanded, the actress Emma Roberts is her niece and more. For sure she is my favourite actress!

Like to know more about Daniel Moder, Julias husband? Well, actually I don't know him so well...but he seems like a nice guy! I mean, Julia is nice, so he must be nice...!

Anyway, I have heard that Daniel is a cameraman and that they met during the shooting of the film "The Mexican"(starring Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt)the year 2000. They got married in July 2002 and spent their honeymoon in Greece, where else?! Julia Roberts & Daniel Moder on honeymoon at Santorini

More celebrities visiting Greece lately:
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Regina said...

Hi Eva,

I really like your blog. Thanks for posting a comment on mine.

eva i Aten said...

Thanks a lot, Regina! I like your blog as well and have already put a link to it at my page "Greek bloggers from abroad".

Regina Pefanis Schlee said...

Hi Eva,

My nephew who lives in Greece had told me that Tom Hanks' house was in Antiparos. When I searched online, I had found an old newspaper article saying that he had extended the borders of his property illegally and he had been sued by Greek authorities. It is possible that he bought a house at a different island after that incident.

Thanks for the link to my blog. I'll add a link to your blog on my blog.

eva i Aten said...

Thanks a lot foe the link, Regina!

Is that so, with Tom Hanks - then for sure he's very much Greek!
My daughter has also heard they have a house on the island Skopelos, but we don't know for sure of course.

eva i Aten said...

Yesterday I listened on TV that his house is on Antiparos, so I just corrected my post, Regina.

dum dum Ejiofor said...

I love you,julia