Monday 19 November 2012

Persimmon, the fruit which is actually a berry!

I tried this fruit (o.k, berry...), in season now, the other day and it was quite an experience actually...! First I was thinking, wow, it's wonderful! It was sweet and had this soft smooth consistence. But then suddenly it became acrid and left the tongue dry and kind of shaggy...!

Persimmon, called λωτός (lotós)in Greek, has to be more ripe if you want to avoid the acrid taste. When the colour is dark orange / red and the skin has started to crack they are ready to eat.

It doesn't seem common to be used for marmelade, but I think it would fit for that - I'll ask my aunt on Crete!
Kiki with the blog Mikri Kouzina has a recipe for Persimmon Liqueur (in Greek).

In Greek mythology, in the Odyssey, λωτοφάγοι (lotus-eaters) are mentioned like narcotic and making people sleepy, but it might refer to another fruit with a similar name.

At Ezine articles I read that Persimons is loaded with fibers and vitamin A, it treats diarrhea, the fruit probably prevents cancer, but they also write that it can be dangerous! It is possible that unripe Persimmons can create a bezoar in the stomach.

Καλή εβδομάδα! 
Have a nice week!

Medicinal uses of Persimmon


Barty, aka The Parianos said...

Hello Eva, many (many, many) years ago I worked in a shop that sold fruit and vegetables. When it was the season for Persimons we used to tell people that they should be eaten when the flesh started to go translucent. Most people thought they would be too ripe (as they almost look as if you should thow them out) but they are lovely and sweet. Enjoy! love Barty x

Anna Karin Karlsson said...

De är väldigt nyttiga.. och goda! Tydligen mkt c-vitamin i dom!

Silving said...

Interesting fruit,will I ever eat it? :D

ropcorn said...

Very interesting post about this fruit. It does look familiar, like a fruit I think I have seen in stores here in Sweden. Though I have not tasted it nor do I know the name of that fruit. This looks like a mango inside actually.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. :-)

deeps said...

ok i guess this one is not available in this part of the world

thanks for sharing :P

Eva in Athens, Greece said...

Thanks, dear! I will definitely try this fruit again and then follow your advice!

@Anna Karin
Kul, du har smakat dessa alltså? Finns de att köpa i Sverige?
Tack & kram

I hope so, Irina! Thank you!

Thank you for visiting and for your comment! Frukten heter Persimon på svenska. Jag har aldrig ätit mango, hur smakar den frukten egentligen?

Maybe not, I don't know where you are...(checked your profile, but it wasn't written).
Thanks for visiting!