Friday 10 August 2012

Exhibition on Spinalonga by Costas Tsoclis

Read in Swedish: Utställning av Kostas Tsoclis på Spinalonga

From the beginning of June until the end of October there is an exhibition on the beautiful island, with its touching history, Spinalonga. The Greek artist Costas Tsoclis has "decorated" the island with his art work (a lot of mirrors) and the exhibition is called "Tsoclis, You, the last leper".

When you arrive to the island the first thing you see is this big mirror cross and black flags on the top of the island. Personally I didn't like this exhibition. I think it should have been more nice if it was held in one of the buildings and not all over the place.

As I didn't like the exhibition I was avoiding to take pictures of Tsoclis work there. I think the island is more beautiful and special without it...

I'm also surprised how it was allowed. Two years ago when "America's next Top Model" asked for permission just to make a photo shooting on the island the answer was No...

Kostas Tsoclis (Κώστας Τσόκλης), born 1930 in Athens, is (normally...!) a very good artist and here I've made a small collage of a few pictures of his fantastic art from other exhibitions and a photo of himself:
Kostas Tsoclis has a museum on the island of Tinos: Tsoclis Museum

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Francesca Muir said...

Oh I cannot believe this was allowed either - a travesty. I guess it's a sign of the times - anything and everything is permitted if it mean people will visit! As I said, a travesty as this is such a special, spiritual place.
Τι κριμα

Eva in Athens, Greece said...

The strange thing is that it must be very few going there for the exhibition. We didn't even get a paper about it, the name of the artist, the name of the exhibition... Maybe they've understood by now that the visitors are coming there for Spinalonga!