Saturday 26 May 2012

Hippie festival in Matala 2012 - Flower Power!

Read this post in Swedish: Hippiefestival i Matala 2012 - Flower Power!

Since 2010 the municipality of Festos is arranging a hippie festival of three days every summer in Matala. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June there will be live music from the sixties and seventies, beach parties, hippie bazaar, exhibitions, fun park for kids and more.

See the program here: Matala festival 2012, program

Matala is a wonderful small resort by the sea at the south coast of Crete. There is a really big cliff with lots of caves, dugged out by humans during the Stone age. During the 60-s and 70-s hippies from all over the world were living in these caves, but they were eventually driven away by the church and the military junta.

Now all hippies are welcome back! - At least for the festival!

The Canadian songwriter and singer Joni Mitchell wrote a song while staying in the hippie caves of Matala 1970 - "Carey":

Read the lyrics at her homepage: Joni, Carey

Lots of singers have recorded this song (71!). In Sweden it became really famous performed by Ulf Lundell with the name "Glad igen" ("Happy again"). At YouTube there is a video with a Swedish group performing the song: UlfTeens: Glad igen.

Goldie Hawn is singing the song in the film "Goldie" recorded 1972: Goldie Hawn - Carey

Hippie Art!
Visit the hippie artist Singleton at his webpage: Just Give Me Peace - Hippie Art by Singleton
Twitter: Hippie Singleton Art

Don't miss this festival if you're on Crete!

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The pictures from the festival I've borrowed from Municipality of Festos, facebook, and there are lots of more pictures to be seen!
Lyrics "Glad igen" by Ulf Lundell

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