Tuesday 1 May 2012

Earthquakes in Greece

Read in Swedish: Jordbävningar i Grekland

Every year it's more earthquakes in Greece than in the other countries in Europe all together. Most of them are taking place under the sea which makes the number of deaths extremely low compared to the intense earthquake activity.

Greece is situated almost exactly on the boundary of where the lithospheric plates of Africa and Eurasia (Europe and Asia)meet and are gnawing on each other, which is the reason of the large amount of earthquakes here.

Most of the earthquakes take place along an arc of islands: Ionian islands (Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Kythira), Crete and Rhodes.

A normal day it can be more than 100 earthquakes exceeding 2 Richter in Greece. Most of them are so small you don't even feel anything. I had lived in Crete for nearly ten years before I felt an earthquake!

Recent earthquakes in Greece.
European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
Earthquakes since Januari 2010: www.earthquakes.gr (in Greek)
1999 Athens earthquake


Minnie said...

OMG that is not good, a few months a go in Indonesia also happend earth quakes good there is no tsunami :( .
BTW Eva what u think about end of the year 2012?
Im doing good but out of town for the moment for OTC, Thanks for your comments on my blog dear.Kisses!

Irina said...

For some reason earthquakes go together with good weather :D
By the way, Eva, I don't know if I ever asked you why you left Crete and came to Athens? Do you like it better here? Do you visit Crete sometimes? And, is your husband Greek? Ever planning on going back to Sweden? (probably not :D,why would you go in that weather,haha).

Eva in Athens, Greece said...

Yes, let's hope for no tsunamis at least...
The year 2012...? Well, let's hope for a change in Greece's economy. Otherwise it doesn't seem like I'll need sunglasses against the bright future...
Nevertheless I'm positive - everything will turn out well!

My Greek husband grew up in Athens and even if we love Crete and still go there often we always wanted to move to Athens to get a more normal life. At Crete we were working like crazy in the summer months and had no work during the winter. The summer season also became shorter and shorter! In the beginning we had the restaurant open 7 months with really good work 5 of them, in the end it was open 4 months with good work only 2...
I love Sweden! I don't think we'll ever move there though, but who knows?! Many Greek people are moving there now.