Thursday 15 March 2012

Sharon Stone in the role as Aphrodite - the goddess of love!

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Sharon Stone is shooting a film called "Gods Behaving Badly" after the book with the same name written by Marie Phillips (2007).

The book, as well as the movie, is a comedy and it's about the old Greek Gods who are now living in an apartment in New York. They are getting to know a couple; Kate(Alicia Silverstone) and Neil (Ebon Moss). This acquaintance is not only threatening the relationship of the couple, but also everything else!

Christopher Walken is personaging Zeus, Oliver Platt - Apollo, Edie Falco - Artemis, Rosie Perez - Persefone, John Turturro - Hades, Phylicia Rashad - Demeter, Nelsan Ellis - Dionysos, Gideon Glick - Eros Henry Zebrowski - Hermes and Sharon Stone then the character of Aprodite (the goddess of love, sexuality and beauty).

The Hollywood Star got the question with whom she would like to go out for dinner. Sharon Stone, an admirer of the ancient Greek culture replied; "With Platonas, Socrates and my dad!".

I guess you have understood by now that these pictures are not from the recording of the film...

These pictures are taken by the photographer Frederic Auerbac for Russian Elle, in which Stone was the cover girl now in January (2012). Incredible good photos of the actress, don't you think?! Who can believe she's had a stroke(or was it something else?) or that she is 53 years old?! O.k, sure they've been working on the images afterwards, but anyway!

But as a matter of fact I think she is hard to recognize at many of the photographs...or what do you think? I guess it's the make-up - don't think she was wearing so much make up in her films...?

In this picture and the very top one I definitely can see it's Sharon!

Marie Phillips talks about her book:

The blog of Marie Phillips, the writer of "Gods behaving badly"
...Well, now a couple of days later I have to tell you that I wrote a small comment in Marie Phillips' blog and I got very happy for her answer: "Thanks Eva! I can tell you that Sharon Stone is that beautiful in person too - it's not just lights and make-up. Truly stunning."!!!

Read more about the author: Marie Phillips, Wikipedia

The film is directed by Marc Turtletaub. There is no trailer yet and the release date is To Be Announced 2012.
Read more about the movie here: Staar Seeker, Movie Directory

Here a list with small pictures of all the actors:

The nice pictures of Sharon Stone I found at Anne of

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Minnie said...

Oh She so beautiful... and looking so young I cant not believe that she is 53???

eva i Aten said...

Yes Minnie, she is really amazingly good looking!

Irina said...

Must be a fun movie to watch, I enjoyed reading books about the greek gods in childhood! But Sharon doesn't look much like herself in many of the pictures,sometimes they go overline with photoshopping.

eva i Aten said...

I'm really looking forward to see this movie! The story seems great and I really like Sharon Stone, and many of the other actors as well!