Friday 16 March 2012

Major cleaning in my mail-box! Yippee!

Read this in Swedish: Storstädning i mailboxen! Yippee!

I don't know, but I have the feeling that quite a few has a constantly flooded inbox? All e-mails in a big mess and one has lost the control completely...You kind of happen to answer some mails which happens to pop up...!
Well, well, it used to be the same in my inbox, but nowadays it's just a bad memory, beleive it or not! I have 2 mail-accounts and it used to be TOTAL CHAOS.

Once I decided to clean this mess up it didn't take so long time actually.

I've got Hotmail, but I presume there are similar functions at other mail-accounts. Do like this:
  • First of all; decide to not answer any mail during the clean up.
  • Maybe you are receiving newsletters which you never read? Terminate them! If it's not easy, click at "Sweep", then "Delete all from" and "Block".
  • Create different folders to sort your mails, for example "Good to have", "To be answered"(here you can put mails you want to answer but aren't urgent), "Accounts", "Project X" etc.
  • Advertisments you find interesting SOMETIMES you can either have them moved automatically to a folder with its name by clicking on "Sweep" and "Move all from" or choose "Schedule cleanup". You can decide to keep only the last one or delete everything older than 10 days.
  • I have a folder called Facebook as well and now all mails from fb goes there. I haven't used the sweep possibility as I'm not logging in often at fb and I need those mails to answer comments and so on. If you don't need those mails, terminate them (dot 2).
  • Mark mails from unknown senders as junkmail and if you get more from the same ssender, terminate them.
  • Mark fraud mails (where they're trying to get to know your creditcard number, bank accountnumber, passwords etc) as Phishing scam so they'll get more attention than normal junkmail and spam.
  • If you get e-mails from friends but think someone else has sent them (usually a very short greeting and then a link, don't open this links!), mark them as junkmail, then you get a question if you think someone has hacked your friend's account, which you mark, as well as if you want to keep this contact (which you probably want if it's a friend). Tell your friend to change password to start with.
  • Mark the mails you want to answer immediately with red flag (to the left of the subject at Hotmail). Then these mails will stay at the top of your inbox and you can't forget them.

It feels like I got rid of a burdon from my shoulders! When I open my inbox now it's just a few mails there. It used to be more than 30 daily. Life is great!

Good luck!

The pictures I found at:
Flooded mailbox at the blog From the Strawberry Patch
The purple picture at the blog Syllektiko
Cute red flagged mailbox at the blog The book garden
 "Yippee! I'm saved!" from Christart.

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