Thursday 29 March 2012

Hugh Grant: "The Greeks are modern Zorbas"

The Greek music composer Aphrodite Raickopoulou, was accompaning the screening of the Golden Lion awarded silent film "Faust" at an unique event at Royal Festival Hall the 27th of February.

The actor and film producer Hugh Grant, who introduced the evening, took the chance to say a few words about Greece and Greeks:

"I was very young when I visited Greece the first time. I had just finished school and I bought a really cheap charter trip to Greece. I still remember the price. It's unbelievable but it costed only 85 pounds!"

"Immediately when I put my feet on Greek land I knew I was going to love the country as I'm carrying the same madness as the Greek people..."

"I have been visiting Greece many times. I stayed in Peloponnesos for a few months while shooting for a British serial. One year I visited Mytilini, another Mykonos. I've been to Athens many times. Ι'm a declared fan of Greece!"

"You are a gifted people with deep history, culture and an open hearted lifestyle. I'm impressed that your coffeecups are always full and that nightlife in Greece starts 11 p.m...You're modern Zorbas even if you're going through tough times! You'll just become even stronger. We believe in you!"
(Well, actually I have translated this from Greek, couldn't find this speech in English, so probably some of the words are not exactly the ones Hugh Grant used...but the meaning is the same!)

We just love people who are supporting Greece!

(Did you know that Hugh is a graduate of Oxford and that he is the lucky father of a little girl, Tabitha, who was born in October 2011 by Tinglan Hong? This and more you can read at


Irina said...

I like him, and I believe he has the same madness as the Greeks ;)

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