Friday 30 March 2012

"Athens Fridays", Friday means Downtown! - Παρασκευή στην ΑΘΗΝΑ, Παρασκευή σημαίνει κέντρο!

Πρόγραμμα και προσφορές εδώ: Παρασκευή στην Αθήνα - Επιστροφή στο Κέντρο

My favourite TV-channel here in Greece, ΣΚΑΪ (Sky), together with the Athens Traders Association, Periphery of Attica, the Municipality of Athens, promoters, Athens unification of Archaeological sites and "Anaplasi - Consulting Engineers S.A." are inviting all of us, with the slogan "Friday means downtown", to come to the center of Athens every friday for shopping, recreation, walks and to have fun!

It's good for all of us to change the image of downtown Athens and to make the every day life better for those who live and work there!

Every friday at 17.00 - 24.00, until the 6th of April, different happenings and events will take place. The Greek Capital needs a second chance, Athens centre needs our support and love to recover...

Program and offers here: (only in Greek though)
Athens Fridays at facebook (in Greek)
Read about the Capital of Greece at Wikipedia: Athens


Cilla said...

Sv:Vilket härligt väder ni har. Här snöade det för en stund sen,inget kul alls.
Vad tråkigt att det inte finns så många loppisar,här kryllar det ju av dom. =D

eva i Aten said...

Hej Cilla! Nu några dagar senare har det faktiskt regnat ganska ordentligt här, igårkväll närmare bestämt. Men idag är det soligt igen!

eva i Aten said...

Cilla, jag kommer inte ihåg hur jag hittade din blogg och din länk här i din kommentar fungerar inte, så nu vet jag inte hur jag kan besöka din blogg igen! :(