Saturday 18 February 2012

We are all Greeks now - Solidarity for Greece over the world!

Lately there is a huge solidarity campaign for Greece at Internet; "We are all Greeks now". "If you attack one people you attack all the people" is the slogan.

Today, Saturday the 18th of February, there will be solidarity rallies in many of the cities of Europe as well as in the United States. People want to show their compassion and solidarity with the Greek people and also their opposition against erroneous measures introduced by the politicians in Greece and EU.

These austerity measures can never lead to a revival of the economy! Instead the problems are increasing. Every day hundreds of companies are closing, every day an additional 4000 people are loosing their jobs...Every day more people are becoming homeless!

This videoclip is promoting a whiskey, but it's nicely done and most of all it supports Greece!:

Today people will meet up at Liberty Plaza(Zucotti Park) in New York City at 2.00-5.00 pm.
(Internatinal day of action, We are all Greeks now!)

Meetingpoints in Europe:
Amsterdam, Holland - Beursplein 14.00
Athens, Greece - Syntagma 17.00
Barcelona, Spain - Placa Catalunya 17.00
Berlin, Germany - Wittenbergplatz 13.00
Brussels, Belgium - Rue des Petits Carmes 10, 14.00
Coimbra, Portugal - Praca da Republica 18.00
Copenhagen, Denmark - Rådhuspladsen 13.00
Dublin, Scotland - Greek embassy 1:00 pm
Edinburgh, Scotland - City Chambers, High Street 15.00
Helsinki, Finland - Greek embassy 11.00
Köln, Germany - Dom Cathedral 12.00
Lisboa, Portugal - Praca do Rossio 18.00
London, England - Greek embassy 1:00 pm
Milano, Italy - Via Mercanti 10.00
Paris, France - Greek embassy 14.00
Porto, Portugal - Praca da Batalha 18.00
Reykjavik, Iceland - Brautarholt 4, 15.30
Stockholm, Sweden - Norrmalmstorg 14.00
(Found the above information at Blue Beat in my Soul - hope the information is correct!)

This videoclip (of 1 minute) above is showing how much the vandals were destroying for the protesters on Sunday! All the attention of media was drawn to the criminals who destroyed and looted the city instead of showing and talking about the approximately 100.000 (!) people who had gathered to show their disapproval for further austerity measures. This horrible vandalisation of Athens were by no means an act of the peaceful crowd of people demonstrating.


A BRIT GREEK said...

I just can't get over how sever the problems have become in my 3 years in Athens... it's so tragic and sad...

Hope you're well.

eva i Aten said...

It's really sad, A Brit Greek. The politics knew it for longer time for sure but were just sweeping it under the carpet...
I'm just fine, thanks, but the time doesn't seem to be enough anymore...
Hope you're o.k and having a good time these carnival days!