Saturday 25 February 2012

Perfect recipe of Taramosaláta - fish roe salad!

Receptet på svenska: Taramosalata - Fiskromssallad

Here is the recipe of "Ταραμοσαλάτα", which you need for the kiteflying picnic this Monday, Kathará Deftéra - Clean Monday! Here in Greece you only eat this fish roe salad on this particular day.

This recipe, which makes the most perfect Taramosalata, I've gotten from my dear aunt Maria at Crete (acually she is the aunt of my husband, but I also call her aunt) - a real master of the kitchen!

The most common way to eat taramosalata is like a dip to Clean Monday's special bread, "lagána".
In the supermarkets they are only selling the pink version ready (at least I have never seen the "white" one) which contains a lot of colourants and is not at all as good as the homemade!

Here in Greece they sell "taramas" in a small plastic jar of 150 g (3,50 €), so the recipe is based on this. It becomes a lot (1,4 kg!), so I'm usually giving away as well. The half is probably better...

You need:
150 g áspro taramás - "Icelandic conserved fish eggs" it says on the small plastic jar
One white bread (the whole bread , ½ kg, not just a slice) from the day before (not freshly baked)
Potatoes, 750 g
Lemons for 1½ dl lemonjuice
Olive oil, 1½ dl
- A chopper!

Soak the interior of the bread (about 250-300 g) for half an hour and leave to drain.

Boil the potatoes with the potato peel kept on, peel afterwards and mash with a fork.

First you chop the taramas together with the lemon juice  in the chopper. Then you mix bread, potatoes, taramas, olive oil and chop in stages (in the chopper) until you have a nice purée.

Garnish with an olive or slices of lemon.

Not difficult at all and quickly done! Good luck!


Heidi @ homeingreece said...

I love taramosalata! But I only ever eat it this time of year... it is so tempting but I'm pretty sure it's got about a million calories hehe. Thanks for posting this

eva i Aten said...

So you are fasting every year?! Bravo, Heidi! I wish I was doing the same...never mind, there is always time...tomorrow...!
Taramosalata has calories of course, but it isn't that bad. 100 g taramas has 220 calories. The Taramosalata made with this recipe has 205 calories/100 g. It has a lot of good things like fosfor, kalium, vitamin A and D, magnesium...
The negative is that it's rich with natrium (salt), so you shouln't eat to much of it.
Thankyou for your comment!