Saturday 25 February 2012

Kalo triimero, Kala koulouma & Kali Sarakosti!

Läs inlägget på svenska: Kalo triimero, Kala koulouma & Kali Sarakosti!

Καλή τριήμερο, Καλά κούλουμα και Καλή Σαρακοστή people are saying here in Greece now. "Kali triimero" means "have a good threeday's" and is referring to this extended weekend as it is Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday) the day after tomorrow.

Koulouma is the whole day - Kathara Deftera - with all its festivities; the special food eaten this day, picnic, the kite flying as well as live music and dance arranged by many municipalities. So you can translate "Kala koulouma" with "Have a nice Clean Monday feast".

"Kali Sarakostí" means "have a good period of fasting" and referrs to the 40 days of fast before Easter which starts on Monday, for deeply religious as well as for the ones who take this opportunity to get rid of some weight...

You obstain meat, milk and eggs. It's actually still very common that the Greek people are fasting for 40 days! Even more common to fast the Holy week and probably 90% are fasting on Good Friday.

In the past it was a tradition with a special "calendar" for the time of fasting, in the form of a woman - Kira Sarakosti (Κυρά Σαρακοστή) = "Mrs 40 days of fast".

Mrs Sarakosti has her hands clasped (praying), no mouth (lent) and 7 legs symbolizing the 7 weeks leading up to Easter.

Have a great "triimero" to you who live here in Greece and a nice weekend to everybody else!
Kala koúlouma!

The painting of the set table is a painting called "Το τραπέζι της Καθαράς Δευτέρας"(The table of Clean Monday) by Spyros Vasileiou (1903-1985).
The nice picture of the madame I found at Misha.


Silving said...

Yes, I know about the fasting.I did it also in my home country.And it is good for health and losing weight ;)Here I try sometimes,but more like for a week since I am the only one.

eva i Aten said...

I think one week is very enough, Irena!