Saturday 4 February 2012

Damien Walters! Check this one out and don't try yourself...!

Check this Parkour/Free running athlete out! I've never seen something like this before! His name is Damien Walters, 29 years old (born 1982) and from Great Britain.

Damien is a specialist in power tumbling and is also having a great career as a stuntman, appearing in movies like for example Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows, Hellboy 2 and Colombiana.  In 2010 he won the "Taurus World Stunt Award" for "Best fight" in the film Ninja Assasin.

Andra inlägg med Parkour:
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Damien Walters at Facebook
Damien Walters YouTube channel


Barty, The Parianos AKA Ruby said...

That was amazing ! I had to watch it twice it's so fast!
I'm out of breath just watching it...think I'd better go and sit down LOL

eva i Aten said...

:) Barty, you're so funny!

Anonymous said...

I can now trully say that i have been converted into a loyal fan!