Sunday 22 January 2012

Sale in Greece

Read in Swedish: Rea i Grekland

The sale started here in Greece on Monday January 16th and last until February, 28th. It's the same period every year.

The summer sale starts about the 15th of July and ends the 31st of August.

Today I visited the Athens Metro Mall in Agios Dimitrios and there it was really SHOPPING going on! What crisis??? I took these pictures after the shops had closed, forgot to take photos before when it was crowded.

About 10 persons are waiting to pay... It's usually from 20 % and, the last years, up to 70 % discount. (At things I buy it's the lowest possible discount or none at all...If it's a real bargain I never find the right size...)

A neighbor here told me that in many shops you can reserve an article you want to buy already before the sales have started until it has been marked with the lower price! I got very surprised to hear this, but she told me it's common. Haven't tried this yet.

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