Tuesday 29 November 2011

Dye your All Star Converse!

Click for Swedish: Färga dina All Star Converse
Our daughter had these Converse shoes, but she didn't like the colour so she never used them. Then we decided to dye them black with colour for fabrics. Even if the rubber would discolor it was worth  a try as our daughter hadn't been wearing the shoes for more than two years.

I've found this colour for fabrics here in Greece. I'm not very satisfied actually, not nearly as good as the ones sold in Sweden. The clothes are bleeding a lot for several washes afterwards. One envelope like this is sufficient for one pair of jeans or equivalent and costs 1,80 euro at the haberdashery's. It's not expensive, but becomes expensive to wash separately multiple times...

Here is the result! Great, don't you think? They didn't become black depending on the mixed fabrics in the shoes, but we think they became even better! The colour is kind of dark purple. It says to dye in 90 degrees Celcius on the envelope, I dyed the shoes in 40 degrees. (Click here for Celcius and Fahrenheit converter.)

Our daughter is wearing them every day now!

See ya!


Irina said...

yes,lovely colour indeed!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Love a bit of DIY and if she really wanted to go all out, do the miu miu thing with glitter!

Good to be back, only now i'm playing catch up and multi-tasking like a madwoman oh that and prepping for Christmas! Yikes!

eva i Aten said...

Thanks, Irina!

A Brit Greek, the time is just never enough...!