Friday 11 November 2011

11.11.11 11:11

Oh, what can this mean...?! Maybe something bad will happen...?!

Or probably nothing at all...!

But maybe it's a good time for some kind of positive decision for the future!

And the future will show if it was a good day for Lukas Papadimos to take the oath as prime minister for the new coalition government of Greece! I certainly hope so!

Have a wonderful day!


Joanna said...

svar: hon älskar ställningen ligger på den 80% och den står i fönstret så hon kan kolla ut och hålla koll på allt som händer utanför med;)

A Brit Greek said...

Thank you so much for my b'day wishes! Sorry to have taken so long to come by, have gone m.i.a for a while!

I think 11.11.11 was a pretty good day for me... so far so good!

Fingers crossed for Greece, who knows what will happen.

jason @ corfu villa said...

Let's hope so!

What happens in Greece will affect the rest of Europe, then America and hte snowball starts rolling!

Fingers crossed!

eva i Aten said...

Joanna: Perfekt!

A Brit Greek: I'm happy when you visit, but you don't need to feel like you have to come by!

Jason: Unfortunately the snowball is already in motion...Now we just have to stop it before it becomes to big!