Sunday 11 September 2011

The beach Agios Kosmas in Elliniko

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This beach has been private business for many years, but in June 2007 the municipality Ellinikou took it back with nails and claws! They really had to fight to make the beach open to the public, although it's forbidden to take entrance fee from people who want to go to the beach. The city's Mayor was hunger striking(!) and it was war-like confrontations at the beach between the company in possession of the area and the public.

At the sign above, which is by the entrance now, it's written "Beach of Ellinikou municipality. Free entrance".

The boys and I were there for the first time yesterday and it's a very nice beach. Soft sand and the bottom of the sea is sandy as well. No sunbeds for rent which means more space at the beach. Couldn't see any mini market either, so one has to bring something to drink.

At most of the beaches here in Athens refugees are walking around selling different kind of things.

The beach is situated where there is a footbridge over the road Poseidonos. With bus and tram you get off at the stop "ΑΓ. ΚΟΣΜΑ"(Agios Kosmá). Agios Kosmas beach in Elliniko is 13 km from Syntagma square.

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