Saturday 24 September 2011

Busy days for most schoolchildren in Greece!

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This year we are trying a new football team for our Alex, as my husband thought it was too commercial at the other place and the training not good. Today I was waiting there the hour Alex had his training. I bought a frappé (cold Nescafé) and it was nice to sit there and relax. I was thinking a little bit about the boys program this year, wondering how to get it together...!

It's not easy! Both of them are going to the "Frontistirio" studying English, like most children in Greece. Frontistirios are private schools, and you find them everywhere as they are really busy. I have sometimes been wondering if the headmasters of the schools are getting provision from these private schools...! The English education in the normal school is not taken seriously, and it often happens that schools "don't find" teachers for  this.

It used to cost about 90 euro per month to study English at a frontistirio, but I listened on TV the other day that the prices are 20% down because of the crises.This year our boys will have 6 hours English at the frontistirio.

They also will have 5 hours extra private help at home! The school in Greece is very hard and demanding. The pupils have homework every day in all subjects and they have difficult subjects like Ancient Greek. Lots of children in Greece have private lessons at home (cost: 15-35 euro/hour).

Except for this Alex then has football training and Babbis basketball and Bouzouki as well...
Well, well...

Our eldest daughter had her 20th birthday the other day and she didn't want to have fruits on the cake, so I made a candycake! Not as beautiful as the cake with fruits, but rather sweet anyway!


Irina said...

Yummi! Happy birthday to your daughter. I love cakes, I like even more to make them. Good I have children to eat them :)

eva i Aten said...

Thanks, Irini!