Thursday 11 August 2011

The Skotinó cave in Gouves

Read in Swedish: Skotino-grottan i Gouves

Can anyone believe there is a huge cave there up front to the left of the road? There was no sign either, so I was sure I had made some
mistake with the road. It's so flat all around. It is quite high up in the mountains though, 225 meters above the sea.

A cute little walkway leads down...Not a soul in sight though...

A table! (With 2 legs)

A glimpse of the cave opening there in front....Do you dare to go in there all by yourself?!

Ooops - a very nice couple from Italy, Arezia & Alexander had also found their way to the cave the same day. What a nice surprise! Should have been a bit scary otherwise...

The Skotinó cave is 33 m wide and 130 m deep. It is quite difficult to walk all the way in, because of stones and rocks. They have found many bronze and ceramic votive offerings in the cave, some of them dates back to the minoan period (2700-1400 B.C)!

I have been living in Hersonissos for 20 years, but I didn't know there is such a big cave in Gouves! The cave, which is also called the cave of Agia Paraskevi after a small church built there (see the 2nd photo), is close to the village Skotinó.

This is the best I can do for you map-wise at the moment. If you like to go there you take the road up through the old village of Gouves. Not far from the end of the village there is a sign pointing to the right: "Σκοτεινό 1" and another sign "The cave of Ag.Paraskevi". Somewhere I turned to the left and there was the village Skotinó. After a few meters you could choose right or sign! I choosed left and turned lucky. After a while there was a sign in a curve to turn to the right...

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