Saturday 13 August 2011

Fish Spa in Hersonissos

A couple of weeks ago this fish spa opened here in Hersonissos. I had never heard about these before, but they have become very popular lately and excist in many countries now. "Kisses Fish Spa" is situated on the main road  (close to the church) and probably it's fun to sit there and watch all the people passing by...on the other hand a lot of people are looking at you as well!

These small fishes are eating the dead skincells only. People say it tickles a bit in the beginning, but after a couple of minutes it feels very good!
(It has been discussed how healthy it is with so many people putting their feet in such small aquariums...).

A new hotel which makes you think of Dubai has opened in May in Anissaras, close to Hersonissos. "Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa" is the name of this huge hotel. Very impressing, but I would rather choose a small pension...

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