Saturday 20 August 2011

The monastery of Kera Eleousa in Gouves, Crete

Read this in Swedish: Klostret Kera Eleousa i Gouves på Kreta

This nice monastery, Ι.Μ.Παναγία Κέρα Ελεούσας, Kera (or Kyra) Eleoussas in Gouves is worth a visit if you are nearby on vacation. It's old, but how old I haven't been able to find out. The monastery is mentioned in
text written 1602, so it was excisting at that time.

It has been uninhabited for many years but when I was there the other day it surely seems like people are living there! I didn't see anyone but the flowers were looking nice and the place seemed well taking care of. Outside three cars were parked and I saw both a dog and a cat...

Basically you follow the directions to the Skotinó cave, but you don't turn to the right in the curve there in the end of the directions. You continue towards the village Voritsi, but before there is a small road up on the left side, this one also in the middle of a curve...On the picture above you can see how the signs for the monastery looks - they are placed here and there actually!

Two more pictures (the best ones?) from the monastery at my photoblog: Greece in my Heart

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