Friday 26 August 2011

The fire extinguished, but new wildfires!

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The fire here in Ano Glyfada and Voula is extinguished. Two houses are said to have been on fire, but haven't seen anything about that on TV yet. Now there is a much worse wildfire in the county 'Evros up in the north (next to the river 'Evros, at the borders to Turkey and Bulgaria). Help will come from France and Spain. This fire started with a broken tractor strucking out sparks from behind.
It's more wildfires at many places in the country. One firefighter lost his life
last monday in a fire.
It's terrible!

Help! What to do?! Every summer it's the same story.


Barty, The Parianos AKA Ruby said...

Such frightening pictures.
Again and again we see this and yet the other evening on the way home I saw someone throwing a cigarette out of the car window still alight.
When will people ever learn?

eva i Aten said...

Yes, Barty, it's crazy! We human beings are said to be clever, but then why do we destroy our planet - our home?!