Tuesday 19 July 2011

Pictures from Glyfada

One of the beaches. The houses up on the hill are in an area called "Panorama Voulas". From most of these houses there is a great seaview!

Another beach of Glyfada. These two are public beaches. Believe it or not but in many places here in Athens you have to pay entrance to go to the beach (some businessmen have managed to get permission), and then sunbed is not always included! Have never seen that at Crete or any other island. Have you?
Have a great day, folks!

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Alexandra Μ. said...

Hi Eva, yes in Attiki the municipalities charge money to swim:/

Its really horrible... Cause prices are pretty high (alwalsy were).

Yes in the rest of Greece is not common to pay.

So if you really love swimming maybe stay away from Attiki :))

Take care and keep posting, I love your blog:) I am a Greek person who lived in Scandinavia, now im in Germany and I miss my home. As a foreigner in Scandi and Germany I also show enthusiasm for local natural beauties, same way you show for Greek ones:) I think ''through the eyes of a foreigner'' its more interesting in the end... Keep on enjoying a beutiful Mediterrenean adventure!