Thursday 7 July 2011

MONSTER spider...

Read in Swedish: MONSTERspindel

My treat! A few pictures of another Greek spider...(not as big as the other one though)!

It's not upside down even if it might seem like it is. Really strange with a shiny metal-like bib...and with stearing eyes this one as well...whew! They are so fast also. It will attack me anytime I was to be worsted of one like this and stuck in cobweb!

To photograph spiders might be a good therapy if you have spider phobia...

No but what on earth...what kind of monsters do we actually have around us...?! Of course they are thinking the same thing about us probably...
Went back to check if it was still there a couple of days later and now I got a more visible picture. It also had something red behind...?! 
As you can see now the metal-like is the head! Or the face anyway. Or a face mask...

(Isn't there any spider expert out there in the cyber world who can tell us more about these spiders?)

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P.S Have been reading and looking around a little and as far as I can see there are no spiders with deadly poison in Greece. We appreciate that!

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