Wednesday 6 July 2011

MAD Music Awards 2011

MAD Music Awards are given every year in Greece since 2005. MAD TV is a Greek music-channel which started 1996. Since 2006 they are also running a radio channel at 106,2 FM here in Greece.
Greek music is very popular in Greece!

Here I present the video-clips of all the WINNERS 2011:

The Music video of the year and the Pop Music video of the year is "Παράφορα" (=madly) with Sakis Rouvas, who also got the award The Artist of the year! Sakis is very popular in Greece and has also been representing the country at The Eurovision Song Contest: 2004 with "Shake it" and 2009 with "This is our night".  (Sakis is borned at the island Corfu.)

The music video MAD GreekZ of the year: "Κακομαθημένο" (=spoiled) with Christos Cholídis.

The Dance Music video of the year: "Call Me" with Claydee & Dimension-X.

The Rock Music video of the year:  "Ο φτωχός" (=the poor) with the band Onirama, who got the award The Group of the year as well.

The HipHop Music video of the year: "Σαν έρθει η μέρα" (=Like the day comes) with Stavento Feat & Ivi Adámou.

The Alternative Music video of the year: "Φίλα με ακόμα" (=Still kiss me) with Panos Mouzourakis and Kostis Maravégias, who also got the award The Duet Cooperation of the year.

The Sexy Music video of the year: "Το 'χω" (=I've got it) with Eleni Fouréira, who also got the title The Newcomer of the year.

The Fashion Icon Music video of the year: "Baby it's over" with Elena Paparízou who also got the award The Female Artist of the year. Lovely Elena, who grew up in Sweden, has represented Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 with the great song "Die for you" and 2005 with the winning song  "My number One".

The Catchy Lyrics Music video of the year: "Κομμένα πια τα δανεικά" (=No more loans) with Antonis Rémos. Rémos also got the title The Male Artist of the year.

MAD Radio 106,2 Track of the Year: "Last summer" with Nicko.

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