Wednesday 27 July 2011

Make great art yourself - cheap!

This is a perfect way to decorate a garage, a corridor or even a hallway at home. You just glue cornices straight on the wall. Here we have used cornices of gypsym, but wooden ones are probably even better.

Start with painting the frame. If you're not that artistic I guess the difficult part starts here...but you really don't need to make something very special to still have a very artistic impression. For example you can just paint a background colour and then write something, a small poem or so. Or fill everything up with lyrics. You can glue something there that you have been collecting without knowing what to do with it - matchboxes, stubby pencils or whatever (either you fill everything up or you glue it up like a tree, a heart or something else). One can paint smaller squares and put up nice photos or postcards.

You can also stick leftover CD's and DVD's on the wall! I have just used "UHU patafix" (removable and reusable  glue-pads).

This is fabric from IKEA stretched on MDF, 1x1 meter, spray impregnated.