Monday 4 July 2011

Clean and fresh pillows in the summer heat!

Now with the summer heat back again I think the time is good for this tip! At least here in Greece it's often very hot also in the bedroom and it can become a little sweaty. Even if you can wash pillows they don't become quite the same after many turns in the washing-maschine and they also need long time to dry. To avoid many washes of your pillow - just do like this:

Put an extra pillowcase under, or why not two? Preferably white, so that no strong colours and patterns are seen through. These don't need to be new and fine pillowcases, old and rubbed ones are just fine. Buy some cheap ones if you don't have any at home.

This way your pillow will be kept clean and fresh for a long time!
 (Just a few more pillowcases to wash...)

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