Monday 25 July 2011

Cicada - Τζιτζίκι

Read in Swedish: Cikada - Τζιτζίκι
This is how it looks...the cicada which is so noisy in Greece. Τζιτζίκι (Tzitzíki) is the Greek name of this insect. Sometimes their loud sound can drive you crazy!

The male ones are singing so beautifully (ironic!) to attract females. Some cicadas produce sounds up to 120 decibels (pain treshold!)! You can actually become deaf if a cicada would sing straight into your ear. The males turn off their own hearing while they are singing, the scamps!

They are almost impossible to trace as they blend completely with the surroundings, at least in dense vegetation. I have also noticed that they become quiet when you come walking, but they can not keep quiet that long...

You can apparently eat this insect - in many countries it has been common and in northern China fried cicadas is a delicacy. Maybe one should try that, to get some peace and quiet...!


Renate's Blog said...

Hello Eva
sorry to contact you that way.
Great Blog you have!!
I am also trying to write my blog in 2 languages and you answered on a blog question that you created a twin blog. How on earth did you do that?
Thanks for any help.
Kind regards Renate

eva i Aten said...

Hello Renate, and thanks! Actually I have been thinking to write a post about it. I will write you an e-mail now.