Monday 18 July 2011

A drapery

I have just finished sewing a drapery for my daughter:

I make sure the fabrics are washed before. Used glitter colour to write with, which I found in a haberdasher:

A few more things I have sewn: (These posts written in Swedish though, but you can use Googles translator if you like, or just have a look!)
Ett till draperi (one more drapery)
Praktisk tygpåse (practical fabric bag)
Förkläden  (cooking aprons)


Barty, The Parianos AKA Ruby said...

You are very clever Eva ! Are the designs all you own idea or do you get inspiration from somewhere else ?

eva i Aten said...

Thanks a lot, dear Ruby! It's my own fantasy playing around. It started with that I had a lot of that black fabric from curtains (!) which we had at a club once upon a time at Crete. The idea was to cheer this black up... Glad you liked it!