Saturday 11 June 2011

Some different Greek houses...

At a walk here in Glyfada the other day I took these pictures of some different houses. This is a multifamily-house with a nice glass-entrance.

Unusual house with a facade of bricks. Looks a little bit English, I think.

Very different, newbuilt house! Not practical (how do you clean the windows in the staircase?!), but I really like the red stairs! The facade has a soft fine green colour.

Tastefull (and cute) classic Greek entrance.

This house seems to be uninhabited. Strange, because it seems very well-made and is new-painted, but it's overgrown with weeds all around and even in the entrance.

Grand entrance. Many Greeks , mostly elderly, likes grand houses with dashy entrances. Virtually for all younger Greeks it's all about "Minimal".

This is probably the only wooden house I've seen in Greece!

A more typical Greek house even if it's the wrong colour at the should have been blue!

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