Sunday 19 June 2011

Natural gas south of Crete!

Professor Antonis Foskolos at the university of Crete has already in October released the very interesting news that around Crete there are large amounts of natural gas. Preparation work has begun to utilize this real treasure of Greece. According to the Professor, and others, the amount of natural gas is so large that if Greece could take advantage of it, the country would become debt free very soon!

I'm inserting 2 videoclips from Greek television. Both in Greek, but the content are these findings of natural gas and the value of them.

The first one is from "ΚΡΗΤΗ TV" (TV CRETA):

From the program "ΑΘΕΑΤΟΣ ΚΟΣΜΟΣ" (the unseen world) with Kóstas Chardavéllas:

As long as there is hope there is life! Read somewhere that Greece already 2013 will be the life rescuer of Europe!!!

More to read about this, in English:
Natural gas to save Greece

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