Thursday 16 June 2011

Chaos in Athens

When I saw what was happening at Syntagma at TV this morning I actually got scared - what will happen now I was thinking...

This is outside the Parliament, the yellow building, at Syntagma square. Today it wasn't peaceful at all, as it has been the earlier days. Barricades had been set up outside the Parliament, which made people upset. Many people must have gotten hurt today - let's hope noone seriously.
Prime minister Papandreou almost gave up and seemed prepared to reconstruct the government together with the opposite part to overcome the crisis. He changed his mind later.

To change subject:
Was out and had a look at the moon when it was pink and hardly visible. Didn't have the patience to stand and wait for 1½ hour 'til the end of the lunar eclipse though...

When I was out later with our dog the moon was shining bright again. 


Iren said...

Hej Eva,
nice blog, lucky you to live in Greece and to have seen the eclipse :))
and beautiful pictures of Hellas,too.
regards from Dk ;)

eva i Aten said...

Hi Iren! Finally the first comment here at the English version of my blog that I started a 2 weeks ago! Thanks a lot, Iren!!! Hope to see you here again! :)

Iren said...

you will ;)
I could write in danish,as I understand a bit of the swedish version,but this is better :)
Tak for your appreciation, by the way, have you also seen the Greece necklace that I made for fun? That is to prove that I do like everything about Greece and I am not just saying that,haha.
That first, and only after, the Denmark one :))

eva i Aten said...

Hej Iren! That's nice to hear! I absolutely have to see that one! But all the things you create are beatiful!