Sunday 12 June 2011

Awaited summer holidays...

Our sons finally got ready with their high school exams yesterday - thank God!

At first I felt such a relief. Finally summer holidays! I almost didn't do anything yesterday. Then I decided to make a list with the projects of this summer...since there is no excuse anymore (because most of this summer we'll stay here in Athens)!
  • Help Elina to fix her small apartment
  • Paint one bed, 3 chairs, a childrens highchair (the last-mentioned for our cafeteria, Cheers cafe), doors of the BBQ
  • Fix the garden patio
  • Get new drivinglicense and passport, which both have expired...
  • Insert all photographs in albums - from 1998 when I did it the last time...until april last year when I started to take digital photos (thanks to the blogging!)
  • Make some paintings I'm thinking about
  • Clear, clean and fix 2 rather large storage rooms with things both for our business and for our home
  • Make a table with parts of mosaik (I'll tell you more when it's ready, IF it gets ready...)
  • Finish sewing some things I have begun
  • Start at the gym together with our sons (!) and become uncurable fit!
  • Get a small sun-tan...
  • Organize all my papers perfectly
  • Think a little bit more and maybe finally start up the web business-idea I have (!)

Where did the summer vacation go?! Will it be enough time?!


iren said...

Do you have a cafeteria,I understand? With cakes and chocolate?
And do you paint,too? real paintings?
So how is it going with the projects on the list? ;)

eva i Aten said...

Well Iren...good question - the last one...I really thought I had already done a lot of the things, but now when I'm reading the list I see that I acyually have done just a few things from the list! Panic! Anyway I have got a small suntan!!!:)I have painted all the things I wrote at the 2nd dot - just a little to be done done on the highchair. Ihave finished sewing a drapery for my daughter:
and I have come a good way with the photos! I have done a lot of things at Crete as well that wasn't on this list, so I'm quite satisfied anyway...but the summer hasn't finished yet here luckily! So hopefully I'll have done more of the things in the end.

I do like to paint and do artwork, but unfortunately it doesn't happen very often. Anyway here you can see some of my artwork from last year:
Have been thinking I probably could sell it, but haven't tried...

Yes, we have a new cafeteria in Ano Glyfada with pastries and icecream, waffles, pancakes, other small things to eat like hamburgers and club sandwiches...We have had a big restaurant/cafeteria with swimmingpool in Hersonissos, Crete for 25 years! Last summer was the last summer, and now it's nothing left of it! It feels rather strange...Anyway, we have chosen the same name for the cafeteria here, so it feels a little bit better: Cheers!

Iren said...

Very lovely things you sew! I wish I could sew,but I can't (yet,hopefully I will learn one day).
As for the summer,it seems like you have done a lot of things though and besides,summer In Greece-and school holiday- is at least one more month compared to here.Actually here it doesnt seem to be much summer this year (I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't been gone for a month under the sun). How often do you go to Sweden?

eva i Aten said...

Thankyou, Iren! Of course you will learn - it's easy!

We don't go to Sweden that often. We were there the summer 2009 the last time. I hope we will go there this winter or next summer!