Saturday 15 June 2013

Half Greek Marina and the Diamonds

Läs på svenska: Marina and the Diamonds

Did you know that Marina known as "Marina and the diamonds" is half Greek? Her father is Greek(living here in Athens I think) and her mother is from Wales, UK. She grew up in Wales, but has also lived in Athens for a couple of years.

This picture of Marina and the Diamonds has to be taken in Greece...! My childrens Greek grandparents also had this bedcover! :)

Marina do speek Greek as well (Marina and the Diamonds speaking Greek) in case you wonder!

Her real name is Greek: Μαρίνα Λαμπρινή Διαμάντη - Marina Lambrini Diamandi/s and it was of course the inspiration of her stage name.

This world famous very talented singer and song writer has just finished the tour, "Lonely Hearts Club Tour", in America. It was planned to be in Europe as well, including here in Athens the 27th of April, but unfortunately the touring in Europe was completely cancelled.

Marina and the Diamonds has a wonderful and very special voice! This is the song "State of dreaming" from the album "Electra Heart":

"Primadonna" with more than 25 million views:

"Sex Yeah":

I just love her voice! What's your opinion?!

Official webpage and blog: Marina and the Diamonds
Twitter: @MarinasDiamonds
Facebook: Marina and the Diamonds
This last pic from All other pictures from Marinas official webpage.

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