Tuesday 19 February 2013

Beautiful park with mosaics in Voula - Giorgos Dogka square

Read this post in Swedish: Plateia Georgiou Doka - liten park med mosaik i Voula

The same day we went for the wonderful walk at the cape of Glyfada and Voula we also visited this small park with lots of colourful mosaics in Voula (Attica).

This park is called "Πλατεία Γεωργίου Δογκα" ("Plateia Georgiou Dogka") - Georgos Dogka Square.

George Dogka was the President of the Community Council in Voula 1934-36 and he was a supporter of high standard city planning with lots of parks, plants and trees.

The beautiful decorations of mosaics was made like a gift from Dogkas descendants 2010, in memory of their forefather.

 Still cold...   Just above zero this day, the 8th of January.

 Turtle park decoration!

And here it just started to rain...

The Plateia Georgiou Dogka is situated inbetween the roads Poseidonos (Leoforos Konstantinou Karamanli), Zefirou, Nireos and Dafnis - see map to the left.

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Have a nice evening!

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