Sunday 16 December 2012

Murthel Groenhart K-1 World Champion here in Athens, Greece

At the kickboxing, or actually the K-1(In K-1 also knees are allowed) World MAX 2012 World Championship Tournament Final here in Athens the winner was 26 year old Murthel "The Predator" Groenhart from Holland.

Happy after his victory in Greece Groenhart was posing with the Greek flag! 

Murthel won the Championships by Knockout in the final at O.A.C.A vs Artur Kyshenko from Ukraine late last night. Except for the great title Groenhart also won 300.000 dollars. Congratulations Murtel!

The Greek Michalis "Iron Mike" Zambidis lost in his second fight in the tournament meeting Groenhart.

Mike Zambidis put the Champion olive branch wreath on Groenhart's head. In a short announcement to the Greek people afterwards he said sorry for not winning...! Zambidis has won so many fights and titles, so he really doesn't need to win anything more... The Greek people are very proud of him already!

The other five K-1 top fighters taking part in the World MAX tournament here in Athens was Chris Ngimbi(Congo), Andy Ristie(Surinam), Andy Souwer(Holland), Reece McAllister(UK) and Yasuhiro Kido(Japan).

This picture of Groenhart found at Armageddon Combat Sport Portal.
Photo of Murthel Groenhart with the Greek flag found at

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