Sunday 2 December 2012

Edible mushroom or not?

Read in Swedish: Sås av snöbollschampinjoner - eller kanske vit flugsvamp?!

The other day, when I took a walk with our dog, I noticed many mushrooms growing in the park. They were white gilled mushrooms (Agaricales, I think) and looked really nice.

Can it be the delicious Horse mushroom, Agaricus arvensis, or the deadly toxic Destroying angel, Amanita virosa?!

In November a group of 11 people were picking mushrooms(don't know which kind - no name mentioned) in Xanthi and later got poisoned of the meal they cooked. They were taken to the hospital and some of them nearly died. I read at that the mushrooms in Xanthi are the most poisonous now...? Can all of them be toxic?

After some days 8 people in Soufli had the same experience. This group has good knowledge about mushrooms and have been picking and eating the same mushrooms many times before! Really weird... Are the mushrooms suddenly dangerous, or had someone sprayed plant poison, as the group of people believe?

I'm really curious which mushroom this is. If I'm lucky someone who knows about mushrooms will find my post and help me with the name... and tell me if they are edible or not.

Recently 4 people have died in California after eating toxic mushroom soup. One really can not be too careful when it's about picking and cooking mushrooms.

Contact a hospital immediately if you think you might have eaten toxic mushrooms.

To be on the safe side I think I prefer these kind of mushrooms...! Found these ones at Mad about Mushrooms!

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