Monday 22 October 2012

Blog directories in English - submit and get more visitors!

Would you like to get more visitors to your blog? One important step is to increase links to your blog by submitting it to a few blog directories (blog portals, blog registers).

You might not get so many visitors directly from these sites. However the search engines will consider your blog (or site) more important if links are leading to it and this way place your blog higher up in the search lists.
At least this is what I thought...
After reading Google Webmaster tools I've just realized it's more complicated than so...

It's obviously better to have managed to get a few Quality links to your blog than many with low quality (Quantity). Submitting your blog to a few (5 - 15) of these directories won't hurt though, I guess...

I will do it anyway and I'll tell you about the results!

It's free to add your blog in these blog portals:
BC - for people living abroad
BlogDire Blog Directory & Blog Search Engine
Blog Directory Submission directory of quality blogs
Blog Directory
Blog Dir PHPLink Directory
Blog Dirs
Blog Flux
Blog Folders
BloggerHQ Blog Directory
Bloggernity Blogger Search Directory
Bloggers (Social community)
Blogging Fusion Blog Directory
BlogHer (Blog directory for women)
Blog Hints Blog Directory and Search Engine
Blog Listing
Blogo Wogo Online Blog Web Directory
BlogRateDirectory the best blogs on the internet
BlogRollCenter Submit blog the best in blogs
Blogs Rater
Blogs That Follow free link submit blog directory
Blog Universe
Blogville Blog Directory
BSL Blog Directory
CKalari Blog Directory
Conseille Moi
Demand Media Studios (Selective)
DMEGS Top Sites
Expat blog - Share your expat experience
Fuel My Blog
Globe of Blogs
Loaded Web
LS Blogs
Regator Blog Search Directory
Technorati Blog Directory
Top Blog
Wired Blogs
YAHOO! Blog Search


Anna Karin said...

Som alltid bra info från Dig!
Upptäckte nyss via en sajt att d även är bra att om man lägger in foton, skriva under "egenskaper" och på så vis bli mer sökbar i google. Mycket att lära:) Kram

Cyril said...

It's even better if the site making the link is relating to your topics, or talking about similar subjects according to Google insiders... so best of luck with expat websites :-)

Eva in Athens, Greece said...

@Anna Karin
Tack! Kan inte komma ihåg att jag sett något om egenskaper, är det något nytt tro, att man kan skriva vad det är på bilden innan man publicerar, som på Wordpress?

:)I've read that as well somewhere. I'll make a visit at your website for sure!;)