Tuesday 14 August 2012

The wedding in Saltoluokta, part 3: Mountain hike

Read in Swedish: Bröllopsresan, del 3: Liten fjällvandringstur i Saltoluokta

The story about my short trip to Sweden and Saltoluokta in Lapland where we were invited to a very different wedding in June continues!

The day of the wedding we first went for a lovely hike in the mountains!

It was so wonderful! Such different air to breathe up there...such views...

This area belongs to Stora Sjöfallet National Park which is part of the Laponian area (UNESCO world heritage site) and we were walking a little bit at Kungsleden (The King's Trail)as well, one of the best walking trails in the world!

Mountain lake Langas.

We saw many reindeers, small calves as well, higher up. We also saw small waterfalls and a lot of snow! We were a few who choosed to not continue up to the top of Tjäpuris, the "house mountain" of Mountain station Saltoluokta at 798 m.a.s because our shoes were not good enough (very wet ground due to melting snow).

To be continued!

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Joanna said...

Beautiful place. I love mountains hiking. Best regards, Joanna

Jackie said...

Wonderful photos Eva - it looks a fascinating place and certainly different from Greece! Jackie

Eva in Athens, Greece said...

Thanks a lot Joanna and Jackie!♥