Friday 6 July 2012

The wedding in Saltoluokta, part 2: Midnight Sun

Swedish: Bröllopsresan, del 2: Midnattssol i Saltoluokta

The first part, if you missed it and like to read it: The wedding in Saltoluokta, part 1: Gällivare
(I most often write about things connected to Greece, as I live here, but I've been to Sweden for one week and at a very special wedding in Lapland which I would like to share with you!)

The beautiful mountain lake Langas...

In Gällivare we were then picked up by a bus filled with happy wedding guests coming from the airport in Kiruna. The road to Kebnats took about 1½ hour and was very beautiful. On several occasions the bus had to slow down and almost stop due to reindeers blocking the road!

Here we have arrived to the wharf at Kebnats and are boarding M/S Langas.

After a boat trip of 15 minutes we arrived at Mountain station Saltoluokta, which this year celebrates 100 years! Old timbered walls, lit candles, warming fire always burning in the fireplace, magnificent view of lake Langas and mountain peaks..., moreover there with good friends - what more could anybody possibly ask for?!

When we had installed ourselves in the cozy rooms with folded blackout curtains laying on the tables(many people can not sleep when it's light outside all night long...)we were invited for a three-course gourmet dinner!

After dinner we had a brief midnight sun walk up on the mountain.

Cute small flowers and interesting mosses on the mountain.

Birgitta, Åsa (- the future bride!) and me - a reunited gang of best friends!

Tiny little flower with five white petals, yellow stamens and a light green pistil. I don't know the name of this small beauty..., anyone?

Here it has been a moose! We saw plenty of moose droppings, no moose in sight though.

Quite a lot of snow still at some places. These pictures were all taken in the middle of the night!

Mountain Birch, newly least at this exact altitude.

After getting up 5 o'clock in the morning, travelling from Umeå to Saltoluokta (520 km), drinking good wine together with great food and walking on the mountain we slept pretty good...! I don't think we would have needed to hang up the blackout curtains, to protect us from the lovely midnight sun...

To be continued...

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