Sunday 1 July 2012

Create a facebook page for your blog!

Swedish: Fixa en facebooksida för din blogg!

As facebook has become such a popular social network and 50 % of all users are logging in daily it's a very good idea to make a facebook page (fan page) for your company, organization, event or even for your blog.

People nowadays want things to be easy, as almost all of us suffer of constant lack of time...! Even your best friends will probably not visit your blog as it requires some extra effort. Millions of people are spending a lot of time at facebook because it's relaxation - easy, undemanding and a lot of fun.

To be able to make a page at facebook you have to have a facebook account/profile.

If you're anonymous at your blog you can still use your normal fb account when you create your page as it's not possible to see at fb who has created a certain page.

Step by step:
  1. Log in at fb
  2. When at your Home page you'll find  "More ▼" down in the right column. Click and it's coming up a few alternatives. Choose "Create a page".
  3. Now you choose what kind of page you like to create. I choosed "Brand or product" for my blog and "Website" like category. Write the name of your page, if it's a blog you write the name of your blog.
  4. Read "Facebook pages terms" and Get started.
  5. Now it's time to choose the profile picture for your page. If it's a blog it's a good idea to have the same profile picture as in your blog.
  6. Next step is to write some basic information about your blog or whatever you've chosen to make a page about. Add link/links.
  7. Choose Facebook web address. This can't be changed later.
  8. You're now at your "Admin panel". Now it's time to add a cover - the large picture. You can choose one picture or you can make a collage of pictures.
  9. Add a few pictures from your blog (remember that it's possible for others to borrow your pictures at fb)in different albums. If it's a blog I think it's a good idea to name the albums like some of the tags you're writing about in your blog. Next to each picture you put a link to the post where you have that picture. This moment take some time, but you don't need to put that many pictures. Of course you can add more pictures anytime. Here you can see how I did if you like: Greek Salad - a blog from Greece at facebook.
  10. Create automatic feed of your new posts to your blogs facebook page. "Twitterfeed" is free and working fine. (The site doesn't have anything to do with Twitter except that they're fixing automatic feed to Twitter as well.)
  11. When you're satisfied with your new facebook page you invite your friends (Admin panel) and add a facebook button (fb logo picture together with a link to your page) to your blog (or web site). If your page is not ready you might loose "likes" and it's difficult to get people visit again if they didn't like what they saw the first time.

Your friends at facebook who click "Like" will get links to your new posts and will certainly visit your blog more often than before and you'll also get a lot of likes from completely new people!

Now and then you have to log in and answer comments. You can choose if you like to comment using your page's profile or with your normal fb profile. If a page clicked like on your and you like their page as well, don't forget to click like! Being generous is good for yourself as well...

Good luck!

(How to delete a page at facebook:
  • Click Edit Page at the top of your Admin panel
  • Choose Manage Permissions
  • At the bottom, click Delete (Your page's name)
You get the option to unpublish or delete your page.)

My blog at facebook: Greek Salad - a blog from Greece

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