Friday 22 June 2012

Midnight sun by Ume river in Sweden

Read this post in Swedish: Midnattssol vid Umeälven

Hi there! I've been in Sweden for one week and it has been wonderful! The reason for my visit was a wedding in Saltoluokta which a very dear friend invited me to. What a feast! I'll tell you more about it another day.

Very late one night in my hometown, Umeå, my brother and I took a walk down to the Ume river. It was almost midnight and it was light outside. It is truly wonderful with these bright nights in the north of Sweden.

This house is one of my favourite houses!  It's so beautiful and has a great view over the river. This house is a typical "Västerbottensgård" - "West Bothnia house".

These old style houses are almost always painted in this traditional red colour, "Falu red". The colour comes from the copper mine at Falun, Sweden, and it's very good in preserving wood.

It was June, 13th and graduation day, so many young people were out celebrating.

I really miss the Swedish graduation days.  Beautiful summer songs and declamations...All fine dressed school children and parents who kind of watch on the sly on the grades...

A boat just painted with water protective tar outside the boat houses.

Just has to dry now before launching.

My dear brother gazing out over the flowing river...

Sweden is beautiful!

Have a great Midsummer!

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Anna Karin Karlsson said...

Glad midsommar Eva! Fina bilder har du!

Joanna said...

Beautiful place, I love forest, lakes, just perfect place to be :)

mirsini's creations said...

Hi dear Eva :o) !! Wow....what a lovely place Sweden is !!! I've never been there but i'm sure it is a very beautiful country !!!! What a beautiful river,,,a very peaceful place to be...and i love the architecture of these houses and their red colour...oh.. so wonderful to live near the forests !!!
Have a lovely weekend !!!! Kisses !!

Eva in Athens, Greece said...

@Anna Karin
Tack raring! Hoppas din helg har varit och är jättefin.

Thanks dear!

Thankyou for your lovely comment. You seem to be such a happy and positive person! Hope you're having a really nice weekend dear Mirsini! ♥♥♥

Irina said...

Eva, I am sure of all the things you miss, the weather is not one of them :D So far I can't say I really felt the summer, can't wait to go to Ro. in one week :)

Eva in Athens, Greece said...

Well, actually I don't know for that dear Irina...It's so hot here, a standard of at least 30 degrees C outside and inside. Clouds and a little rain can be very nice! :)

Thanks a lot!