Wednesday 30 May 2012

Brimstone - bright yellow butterfly

Read this post in Swedish: Tjoho! Har fotat en fjäril...! 

I think it's so difficult to get pictures of butterflies. They flutter around the whole time, at least the Greek ones...!

Now finally I have photographed a butterfly!

The name of this yellow butterfly is Common Brimstone. Gonepteryx Rhamni in Latin and the Greek name is Thiáfi.

When they finally decides to settle down they will do it with their wings closed. The underside of the wings has camouflage colour! These butterflies are very difficult to spot - it looks like just another leaf.

The top of the wings have a very beautiful bright yellow colour. There is a saying that says the name butterfly is from this butterfly because of it's colour.

This is a common butterfly in the whole Europe and you find it in Africa and Asia as well.

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